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The Ultimate Guide to Identifying SJW Troll Blogs Run by Anti-SJWs

A lot of people seem to have trouble telling troll blogs apart from real social justice bloggers. This creates confusion and unfairly biases people against sj bloggers. Before you reblog a post all like lol look at what these wacky SJWs are doing now!!! take a moment to consider if its all a really bad joke. Heres a guide to the major warning signs that a blog is a fake.

(Note that some of these things arent always bad or indicative of trolling- plenty of real people use neopronouns, have self-diagnosed mental illnesses, and/or are otherkin, and thats fine- but when coupled with other evidence, and taken to a ridiculous extreme, it becomes likely that youre dealing with a troll.)

Blog Content
Their blog was created very recently- if you look in the archive of a troll blog, youll probably find that they have no posts older than a few weeks or months ago. This seems to be overlooked by a lot of people, but its an obvious clue, because how could anyone be immersed in social justice (or at least a twisted parody thereof) if theyre super new to tumblr?
Their blog has almost nothing on it but posts about social justice, and the person doesnt seem to participate in any fandoms (except maybe one of them, which the anti-sj behind the blog selected for credibility) or reblog any text posts. The few posts that are reblogged are usually repetitive sparkly graphics that say i love cisphobia or something.
Their sidebar has a very long list of identity-related information in it. I find that most peoples sidebars list only their name, pronouns, and maybe gender, and other information is in their about. A troll blog, on the other hand, wants to make people mad as quickly as possible, so they put all their ridiculous bullshit in a visible place.
Their icon and layout are the default ones. This used to be more common, although now a lot of troll blogs seem to be using plausible redux-edit type layouts.

Oftentimes, they will tell ludicrous stories about things that supposedly happened in real life. Usually this is something like, Today I went to the grocery store and there was this white cis man looking at me! I couldnt believe he raped me like that, so I showed that fucker by punching me in the face! Down with teh patriarchy!!"
They also tend to complain a lot about their parents in an "edgy way, calling them things like white cis scum and talking about how they came out to their parents and they didnt understand!!! fuck u mom!!!
They unironically say things like die cis scum, check your privilege, shitlord, womyn etc.
They seem out of touch with how people talk on tumblr nowadays and say things like FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT ______ (◕‿◕✿;) and uwu. They use a lot of emoticons, especially Japanese ones.
There will oftentimes be instances where the anti-sjw behind the blog slips up and gets something wrong. I mean, everything is wrong on a troll blog, pretty much, but this is things like equating genitals with gender, gendering strangers, or using ableist language. They may also contradict themselves a lot.
They tag all their posts with a bazillion things. Real social justice bloggers generally dont try to get anti-sjws mad on purpose, but thats a trolls entire objective.
They make comparisons between modern oppression (usually against otherkin or something) and rape, genocide, or slavery.
They say that they want to exterminate, enslave, or do something else very extreme to their oppressors.


Troll blogs get a lot of asks due to their attention-grabbing.
Its mostly random hate mail from outraged people who think the troll is for real. The trolls responses are usually short and make no real attempt to reason with the sender- things like Cry harder, cis scum :3 and Thats just how it works, sweetie (:.
Trolls also get a lot of messages from people trolling back, pretending to be another similarly ridiculous SJW. No matter how obvious they are about it, the troll will always play along with them.

Their gender is a new one like the ones found on mogai-archive- frequently more than one, whether because they are part one gender and part another, or because they are fluid between the genders.
They use nounself pronouns, accepting a huge number of these, but refuse to let anyone use something like they/their.
They say they dont have dysphoria and possibly even claim they like being a girl or things like that.
Theyre usually implied to be DFAB. (Isnt that interesting)
In addition to their gender, identifying as something like trans-fat, trans-autistic, or trans-ethnic is common.
For some reason, promoting the idea that animals can be trans or you shouldnt gender animals is a thing. (This was first seen with fuckingsassysprinkles post on the topic and sadvaporwavebabe talked about it too.)

Tends to include the words demi and pan.
Is often something that excludes majority groups, like being attracted only to LGBTQ+ people or otherkin.

Troll blogs are almost always otherkin. Their kintypes are usually things other than animals, like plantkin, spacekin, or fictionkin (usually of some anime character), and they often have multiple kintypes.
They say that otherkin are oppressed and draw inappropriate parallels between being otherkin and being trans (like claiming to suffer from dysphoria due to being otherkin).
They say that certain things are appropriating their kintype, for example, watching anime is appropriating animekin (unless youre japanese) or growing a garden is appropriating plantkin!
They claim to do things that are very irrational and/or harmful for humans due to their kintype (like being plantkin and eating bugs)

Trolls generally have a bunch of self-diagnosed illnesses.
Theyll be very upfront about the fact that theyre self-diagnosed, although most real people dont talk about it. They may even specifically mention the sources for their information (Wikipedia, WebMD, Yahoo Answers, etc.)
These include very serious illnesses, like PTSD (which gets people mad very quickly) and cancer (which doesnt even make sense to self-diagnose).

They have a lot of triggers, including very trivial/nonsensical ones (lawnmowers or obamacare), often ones supposedly related to the fake SJWs kintype (like an alleged plantkin being triggered by people eating vegetables).
Other triggers are often very vague and general, like transphobia, or white cis men.
Despite their triggers, they never actually tag any trigger warnings for other people.


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